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Author:  dbr11k [ Thu Dec 13, 2007 10:20 pm ]
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Vehicle: 1975 Clubman S, marsha, AKA: the brick

Engine: Toyota Starlet GT 4EFTE (dreaming)
Modifications: resprayed in BMW hennarot red, half decent doof doof.. pretty standard but my plans: front mount air to air intercooler. bigger ball bearing turbo. moderate boost 8/12 pounds. Interior. toyota steering column.
Engineer: we will see
Rims: 12x6/13x7 Superlites, 195/45's
subframe: Qik brix racing 8)
Brakes:probably camira
Complete (date or %): is there ever a complete date?
HP: its red







Author:  the bean [ Wed Feb 27, 2008 6:19 pm ]
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so if u dont no what motor or as it sez your dreaming y did u put it up it does not say dreamers it sez engine conversions we all want a conversion

Author:  Morris 1100 [ Wed Feb 27, 2008 6:32 pm ]
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Sorry, I don't understand a word of it. :roll:

Author:  the bean [ Wed Feb 27, 2008 7:06 pm ]
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Engine: Toyota Starlet GT 4EFTE (dreaming) were all dreaming about haveing a starlet or wat ever so if your dreaming like the rest of us dont put it up there

Author:  '77 clubby van [ Wed Mar 19, 2008 4:32 pm ]
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Mearcat wrote:
Anyone know of someone in Perth doing/done a conversion??

I'm in Kalgoorlie!! :D

Vehicle: 1977 Leyland mini van
Engine: Toyota 4efte
Modifications: STD motor except for pwr water to air intercooler, 2.5" exaust, Blitz dump pipe, airfilter, more boost etc. Fully adjustable suspension, new seats .... ummmm.

Engineer: Sam Rossi
Rims: 12x5 superlights
Brakes: mini sport alloy 4 pots over 7.9" vented and grooved discs, rear std.
HP: about std 133 HP
Complete (date or %): 99.9%? Just need to go over the pits for rego.
Future Plans: Subaru forester GT turbo sittiing on the shelf for after rego (a bit smaller than a TD04). I also have a spare motor that I am considering spending some $$ on internally and externally in the future....Its only money after all.

Author:  dbr11k [ Mon Apr 21, 2008 7:00 pm ]
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Author:  Caponix [ Mon Apr 21, 2008 7:22 pm ]
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dbr11k wrote:
the bean wrote:
so if u dont no what motor or as it sez your dreaming y did u put it up it does not say dreamers it sez engine conversions we all want a conversion

people also want pictures... not people critisizing other peoples work.. how bout you put some pics of your mini up on day bean?

and take an english course at tafe or something

:lol: :lol: :lol:


Author:  miniswift [ Sat Jun 07, 2008 8:29 am ]
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Vehicle: 1968 mk2 Austin Mini DeLux
Engine: Suzuki Swift Mk1 G13B 1.3 16V
2 inch roof chop, Front and rear screen rake angle changed.
Mk1 Cortina Webasto sunroof.
Yamaha R1 Carbs with one off cylinder head.
Port and polished exhaust and 45 degree direct angle for inlet by welding inlet side and inlet manifold.
Inlet manifolds are made from billet aluminium.
Suzuki Sports Groupe A camshafts.
Suzuki Sports LSD.
Under drive pulley.
lightened flywheel and fully balanced pressure plate.
Lotus Exiege Carbon fibre airbox.
Modified oil sump.
Adjustable cam drive pulley

Engineer: Me
Rims: '70 JPC(I think)10 inch wheels black powder coated and diamond cut
Brakes: Modified MG Metro Turbo 4 pot caliper to git in 10" wheels.
HP: 140Bhp ish
Complete (date or %): 60%
Future Plans: Vitara piston Turbo with R1 carbs


Author:  Slugman [ Mon Oct 06, 2008 1:15 pm ]
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Hello everyone. :) First post here. Might as well make it a good one.

Vehicle: 1977 Clubman - "Sunshine" model
Engine: JDM B18C5 (That should get your attention) :D
Modifications: Omg, where do I start? :roll:
Watsons Engine conversion Kit, changed to 100mm PCD. 2.25" custom exhaust with supposedly 'High-flow' cat-converter, reasonably unrestrictive muffler & Type-R Headers covered in Heat-wrap, Leather reclining bucket seats, Spax Coilovers at the back, Twin-tank setup, Miglia Extra-Wide arches, dodgy huge front air-dam, custom dash (Still needs re-doing as at Sept 2011), EMS 8860 ECU, Custom front-mount Rad from PWR (Needs another one on the header side for more cooling), Stereo, Single-can fridges built into each custom door arm-rest, single 6L fridge built into the passenger footwell, Kill switch No1, Kill switch No2, Club Lock, Car alarm1, 2nd battery, Car Alarm2, Baseball bat etc etc

Engineer: 'Wereabout Engineering' for the seats, & for the rest, 'sa secret, 'cos he's retired, moved south & won't do this sort of stuff anymore unless he tolerates you. That's right eh Ugly?
Rims: 13 by 5.5' (BIG offset - What's the opposite of deep-dish?)
Brakes: 10" Discs @ front, standard Drums @ rear
HP: Dunno, about 200 I guess - Dynoed at 160Hp without VTEC being connected at the time
Complete (date or %): Registered & legal. :lol: I wonder if any of you will notice this edit...
Future Plans: Air-con & finally get the dash sorted out. About to be taken off the road in early Oct for fuel tank mods, steering column fix & to check everything else that I have IDed in my real-world onroad testing since I got it registered. Still can't find the engine-bay rattle between 85 & 90km/Hr though!!! :x I better get a custom numberplate soon too, since they are cheaper up here.
Pics: Sorry - Useless on these computer thingys. It's red, with silver "Tow-balls" that are swinging 4cm off the ground... Trust me, if you see it, you'll know it's a heavily modded car. :D

Author:  Vtek16 [ Sun Jan 04, 2009 9:21 am ]
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Vehicle: Rover Cooper 93 MK 3
Engine: JDM B16A2 Vtec
Modifications: Endless but quickly, Type R inlet Manifold, CAI, Custom 57mm mandrel exhaust & High flow cat, , Cobra race seats on custom frames, JDM cluster set, nolathane & rose joints all around, Coil spring replacement for cones. Fiberglass tilt front, wide body kit

Engineer: Was Australian Technology, but now after any suggestions
Rims: 13 X 7 Superlites with 225/45R13 Toyo Proxes R888
Brakes: KAD 4 pot calipers 8.4" slotted rotors, Std rears & braided lines all around, greenstuff pads

HP: around 190
Complete (date or %): 90%
Future Plans: ECU Tune, KAD Rear Discs, Extractors

Author:  meeni [ Tue Sep 11, 2012 6:56 pm ]
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Vehicle: 62 Morris 850
Engine: Suzuki swift gti (g13b) twin cam 1.3
engine, 210/340 cams, 75.5mm Honda pistons, std crank knife edged, polished rods, widened inlet ports, polished and widened exhaust ports, reshaped chambers, 12:1 compression, custom inlet manifold with Yamaha r1 40mm carbs, custom made 4-2-1 exhaust manifold, mega jolt ignition, mpi mini alloy radiator.

Gearbox, Suzuki cino gearbox with taller final drive, heavy duty internals with LSD. Performance clutch, lightened flywheel, Hydraulic clutch conversion with wilwood slave cylinder.

Suspension, fully adjustable camber and castor bars. Spax coil overs

Engineer: Cartech
Rims: 10x6 jbw mambas in matte black with orange pinstripe
Brakes: front- minisport 7.9" vented discs with 4 pot alloy calipers. Rear- std drums with alloy superfins, cooper s cylinders. Tilton pedal box with bias adjustment, wilwood master cylinders with remote reservoirs
HP: Hoping for around 120bhp at the wheels
Complete (date or %): 50%

Author:  arjay [ Sat Jul 20, 2013 9:14 pm ]
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Vehicle: '73 Leyland Clubman
Engine: 4E-FTE from Toyota Glanza V
Modifications: Completely bare metal restored shell, Painted Holden Aquarius, Standard engine, HKS actuator (Set @ 12PSI), 2.25" Exhaust, Water to Air intercooler, Extreme HD Clutch, Quaife ATB LSD, Turbosmart BOV recirculating, etc etc

Engineer: Sam Rossi
Rims: 12x5.5 with Yokohama A048R Tyres
Brakes: Minisport's 8.4" 4pot Alloy Calipers + Vented Discs
HP: Standard (yet to dyno)
Complete (date or %): Registered 4-July-2013. 95% Complete
Future Plans: Seats retrimmed, Log manifold




Author:  pockets [ Thu Oct 17, 2019 4:06 pm ]
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Vehicle: 1977 Clubbie
Engine: Honda B16A2 motor, gearbox and gearshift (gearshift modified to fit Mini). Watsons kit from the UK.
Modifications: Replaced Mini rack and mount with subframe based Rover MGF rack: replaced steering wheel and column with standard Metro collapsible column and Rover padded steering wheel: replaced Mini fuel tank with Metro MPi tank, with 3 bar pump installed in it, return line and fittings included: DTA ECU and reduced engine wiring harness and plugs (from Watsons): replaced Mini front subframe with Metro subframe, modified to accept Honda motor: front suspension and brakes (vented) are standard Metro GTi MPI: front Metro bottom ball joints replaced with MGF ball joints: AP clutch master cylinder, chosen and modified to accommodate air inlet hose: coils replaced rubber doughnuts: wheels are standard 5.5 x 13" +52 ET Metro GTi: rear wheel spacers, bolted to both drum and wheel: replaced rear wheel bearing rollers with Timken tapers: Honda Civic standard radiator: Honda bike expansion tank for radiator (well, it fits, and it works).
Engineer: AUTEST, just South of Adelaide. Highly recommended.
Rims: 5.5 x 13s, ET +52mm, standard Rover Metro GTi MPi.
Brakes: Standard Rover Metro GTi ventilated, no booster.
HP: 98 kw ATW. 1977 emissions test required, at idle. Test passed with no mods needed.
Complete (date or %): Completed and road registered in March, 2019. On Club rego with the Mini Club of S.A.
Future Plans: Drive the bastard.
Pics: Engine bay, plus in action at a local hillclimb. Note to self: A539s are NOT suitable for competition. Also, must fit LSD and 3.4 FD when Lotto numbers match.

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