EP91 Glanza - Rear & Roof Wiring Loom
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Author:  arjay [ Sat Jun 25, 2011 10:14 am ]
Post subject:  EP91 Glanza - Rear & Roof Wiring Loom

Hey guys.

I figured with all the mixed information about wire colours for the the EP82 and EP91 wiring looms, id post up my findings. I basically traced every single wire back through the loom.

This is for anyone in the present or future who will be doing the 4E-FTE conversion using a halfcut from an EP91 - '96-'97. I'd assume '98-'99 model would be the same.

Admins: Could you sticky this? if you want...

Rear Wiring Loom

Brake Lights
Green/Red = Brake Light
Green = Park Light
White/Black = Ground (-)

Green/Yellow = Right Indicator
Green/Black = Left Indicator
White/Black = Ground (-)

Door Switch
Red = Right Door (Odometer A4)
Red/White = Left Door (Odometer A3)
Pink = Seatbelt Light (Odometer C8 )

Fuel Pump
Blue/White = Fuel Pump 12v+
White/Black = Ground -FP
Yellow/Black = Fuel Level Sender (Odometer C4)
Brown = Ground –FLS
Black/Yellow = Low Fuel Light (Odometer C3)

Roof Wiring Loom

Interior Light:

Red/White = Dome Light – DOOR position join (Odometer A3)
Blue/Yellow = Dome Light – 12v+ [F12 - MAIN]

Rear Wiper Motor
Blue = Rear Wiper Motor 12V+ [F5]
Blue/White = Rear Wiper Motor ‘ON’ Position
Pink = Rear Wiper Motor ‘INT’ Position

Spoiler Light:
Green = Spoiler Park Light
Green/Red = Spoiler Brake Light
Red/Black = Reverse Light (Hatch)
Black = Heated rear window 12V+ [F1]
White/Black = Ground (-)

Blue = Door Control ECU (Orange Plug)
Yellow/Black = Door Control ECU (Orange Plug)

If anyone needs anymore info.. Dont hesitate to PM me.

Also.. Heres a link to my modified EP91 Wiring Diagram. ... directlink
Click DOWNLOAD for the full size.

Looks like this:

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