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PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2016 6:10 am 
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The old RTA document said emissions applied to the car or engine, which ever was newer. I can't see that in the current document but I'll have another look around.

The old document did also say you couldn't fit an old engine into a newer car.

Edit old document only referred to post 1972 :
Emission standards for replacement engines
1972 and later model vehicles with substitute engines must meet the intent of the later of the Australian Design Rules applicable to either:
a) The original vehicle; or
b) The substitute engine.
To ensure continued compliance with emission standards, any replacement engine should come from a vehicle which is subject to the same or more stringent emission control requirements. An alternative is for an earlier engine to be upgraded during reconditioning to more recent engine specifications. All anti-pollution devices should be fitted and functional.
Vehicles manufactured prior to noise and/or exhaust emissions related ADRs must meet certain minimum noise and emission requirements if the engine modification is to such an extent as to require certification by an engineering signatory.


PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2016 9:33 am 

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timmy201 wrote:
Edit old document only referred to post 1972

Perfect bit of info there - totally relevant to both my 74 and their pre 72!

PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2016 5:52 pm 

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The advice I received was from the RMS staff at the emissions testing facility at Botany (it's their job to know and enforce the regulations) I asked if they could give me a copy of the relevant parts of the new (currently active) standards

Here is the relevant section(underlined sections by RMS staff):

Section LA Engines
3.1.2 Alternative Replacement Engines for Pre-1986 Passenger Vehicles

Because of the difficulty in identifying the year of manufacture of some replacement engines or the unavailability of replacement emission control equipment for ADR 27 engines, it is recommended that a replacement engine designed for use with unleaded fueland complying with ADR 37 be used where possible. Where this is impractical the following alternative is acceptable for replacement engines for pre-1986 passenger vehicles:
  • Convert the replacement engine to run on unleaded fuel (now a necessity);
  • Fit new catalytic converter(s) where appropriate;
  • Fit unleaded fuel filler with flap (optional);
  • Operate the vehicle on unleaded fuel; and
  • Ensure the engine is well maintained - alternatively overhaul and retune the engine.
Version 2.0 1 January 2011.........Page 14/LA41

The above seems quite reasonable to me, because it is only 'recommended' to fit an engine complying with ADR 37 and catalytic converters are required to be fitted 'where appropriate' there is nothing enforceable to my mind and this was the line taken by the RMS staff... The interpretation of where appropriate is reasonably open but may include issues of space, ECU (able to closed loop), availability of emissions equipment etc etc but will depend on your engineer.

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